The Internet of Everything


The Power to Convert

Actionable data from billions of devices

Putting customers at the heart of your IoE world


A seamless customer experience


The Internet of Everything

Enterprise Service Management

Gain real-time, actionable insights to improve the experience and satisfaction of your services.


Providing a new level of care for your customers


The Internet of Everything

Smarter Care

Providing intelligent, insightful, and proactive customer engagements for the avoidance of calls to Customer Care.


All devices. All the time.


The Internet of Everything

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Device Management

Collecting real-time health and diagnostics of all your devices to optimize for performance and experience.


Networks & Customers

As One


The Internet of Everything

Smart Network Management

Align and prioritize network CAPEX and OPEX with the experience, behavior, and usage patterns of your customers.


The right offer,

in the right place,

to the right person,

at the right moment.


The Internet of Everything


Targeted Marketing

Collecting data from millions of IoT devices – the ideal solution for any company focused on growing revenues through real-time targeted marketing.


The Internet of Everything

nSpire Platform

The nSpire platform collects a comprehensive set of data, from any type of device, in real time. Through its intelligent processing and analytics nSpire provides value based actionable insights.