Business Challenge

IoT Customers require commitments to certain service levels when selecting their IoT Service Provider.

For this, IoT Service Providers need to create, measure, monitor and manage SLAs for IoT Customers.

Defining SLAs - and then monitoring them and adhering to them - is extremely challenging in the current environment due to the global nature of IoT networks, the multiple networks involved and the variety of connectivity needs for different IoT products.

nSpire Solution

nSpire cuts through the current complexity of gathering service performance intelligence by collecting via nSpire Agents on-board IoT devices.

Using this data, nSpire Assure allows the IoT Service Provider to define and deploy SLAs that monitor the service performance delivered for the device across domestic and partner networks.

nSpire Assure allows IoT Service Providers to operationally focus on service levels provided to Customers, ensure adherence to contract commitments and build compelling service offers.