Business Challenge

Connectivity for an IoT product is delivered through the combined services of the IoT product owner, a domestic network provider and their foreign network partners.

In the current global network environment, it is extremely challenging for IoT Service Providers to collect and surface global service performance measurements for their executives.

As a result, it is difficult for executives to strategically plan improvements and expansions to the IoT service offering, understand global partner performance versus SLAs, and obtain executive intelligence of service hotspots.

nSpire Solution

nSpire Impact cuts through the current complexity of gathering service performance intelligence by collecting from on-board nSpire Agents.

Intelligence surfaced through nSpire Impact informs executives as to the activity and performance - globally - of their IoT service.

nSpire Impact frames its performance intelligence in terms of the agreed customer SLAs, so executives can steer the IoT Service Provider to improve performance, expand the service, and address issues in-line with real customer demands.