Business Challenge

Troubleshooting IoT services is challenging for IoT Service Providers due to the complexity and global disparity of networks providing the IoT service, the dependency on partner networks, the wide variety of device types and the array of IoT device purposes.

The granular data required to do effective root cause analysis and the analytics required for proactive service optimization are difficult to gather.

When issues do occur, these challenges are often perplexing for IoT Customers who are presented with a smooth service proposition.

nSpire Solution

The data collected by nSpire Agents and surfaced through nSpire Resolve gives technical teams the detail they need to globally trouble shoot and optimize the IoT service.

Because nSpire Agents are hosted on the IoT device or SIM card, the level of detail available to technical teams is highly effective in trouble shooting and optimization scenarios.

nSpire Resolve is complemented with a library of actionable Use Cases that allow the technical teams optimize their service through improvements to the devices or networks.