Business Challenge

The global nature of IoT Solutions means that IoT Service Providers need to partner with other networks to provide the connectivity IoT products require.

Understanding the performance of their service on these foreign networks is challenging due to technical overhead of collating the requisite data.

Successfully resolving acute issues affecting the service and its customers is equally challenging.

These challenges are inhibiting the growth for IoT Service Providers as they cannot confidently build offers that commit to certain service levels and issue turnaround times.

nSpire Solution

The intelligence surfaced by nSpire Unite enables IoT Service Providers to understand existing service levels internationally, providing a better understanding of the service levels they can commit to.

nSpire Unite surfaces technical weaknesses, coverage gaps, and service performance on partner networks. This intelligence drives strategic planning in terms of roaming partners and highlights scenarios where additional partners are required to serve a specific area.

nSpire Unite also enables the establishment of SLAs for IoT Service Provider partner networks enabling the performance of their service to be monitored in terms of the partnership criteria.